How to Choose the Right Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs are one of the most interesting and unique stair designs. They are often used in homes and offices because of their aesthetic appeal and functionality. Spiral stairs can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and concrete. No matter what material you use for your spiral staircases, they help save space and enhance the decor. 

If you have a congested space, spiral staircases can be great for you. You can easily find spiral staircases for sale in Australia. Or if you like, you can get them custom-made for your space. Spiralworks can do the job for you. We offer cost-effective spiral staircases that fit in with your indoor or outdoor decor. Our spiral stairs enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. So place your order now.

How much floor space does a spiral staircase take up?

Spiral staircases do not take up a lot of floor space. They are the best option for you when you are looking for space saving stairs. Traditional straight-run staircases typically occupy between three-four square feet of floor space. On the other hand, spiral stairs can occupy as little as two square feet. This makes them an ideal choice for small spaces, or for areas where a more traditional staircase would be impractical. 

Spiral staircases are also more structurally sound than straight-run staircases. The weight of each tread is supported by the column in the centre, rather than by the treads below it. This makes them ideal for settings where there is a lot of foot traffic. Or where the staircase will be subject to heavy use.

It often depends on how much space you have when going with custom-made spiral stairs. You can increase or decrease the size depending on the space you have for stairs. But in any setting, a spiral staircase will enhance the look of your home.

What is the difference between a spiral and a helical staircase?

Spiral and helical staircases are often confused because they are almost identical, however there is a very clear difference between the two. At first glance, you may feel like they are the same, but with a clear look, you can see the difference. 

The major thing that separates the two is the presence of a centre column. In spiral staircases, all treads wind around a centre column or post, alternatively, helical staircases wind around a void.

If we talk about the durability of the two, spiral stairs win in this department. The weight of each step falls on the centre column making them much more durable. This is not the case with a helical staircase. 

Spiral stairs also have an edge when it comes to space saving stairs. Helical staircases take up more space than spiral staircases and are not feasible for small spaces.View Spiral Works range of spiral staircases today.

Do buyers like spiral staircases?

Between traditional and spiral staircases, Australian buyers usually prefer the latter. This is because spiral stairs take less space and look aesthetically pleasing. While most people have different opinions, spiral staircases are the better choice.

There are a few reasons that people might choose spiral staircases over traditional staircases. One reason is that they take up less space. A traditional staircase typically needs to be at least three feet wide to accommodate two people walking side by side. A spiral staircase can be as narrow as two feet wide. This can be helpful if you have a small home or if you want to save space in your home. 

Another reason people might choose spiral staircases is that they can be more aesthetically pleasing than traditional staircases. Spiral staircases often have a more modern look and feel to them. They can also be more decorative, with different materials and finishes that you can choose from. 

Finally, spiral staircases can be safer than traditional staircases. This is because there are no sharp turns or edges that people can trip on. Spiral staircases also have handrails that people can hold onto, which can help prevent falls.
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